Startup Space


Startup Space will take place Tuesday, March 10, 2020, in the SATELLITE Unveiled Theater, located on the Exhibit Hall floor!

The SATELLITE Conference & Exhibition is proud to bring startup companies and investors together for the 4th Annual Startup Space. This entrepreneur pitch competition is designed to stimulate investment and growth in the industry by setting up private meetings for the grand prize winner!


Fourteen contestants are placed into groups and are each given five minutes to pitch their company or product in front of a panel of judges. This is followed by a five-minute period during which judges ask questions or make comments to the contestants. Judges score the presentations based on a standardized set of various categories. The contestant with the highest overall score from each group will be named the contest winner and receive the grand prize: private pitch meetings with companies like Starbridge Venture Capital, Boeing HorizonX Ventures, Khosla Ventures, and Space Angels!



Group A – Seed / Early Stage

Jaume Sanpera, CEO, Sateliot
Manuel La Rosa Betancourt, Co-Founder & CEO, Neutron Star Systems
Karina Grosheva, CEO, TaQadam
Harald Skinnemoen, Founder & CEO, AnsuR Technologies
Emily Karlzen, Founder & CEO, Arch Rift

Group B – Post-Seed / Series A

Anthony Baker, CEO, Satellite Vu
Vincenzo Vecchio, Co-Founder, Latitudo 40
Justin Park, President, Intergalactic Education
Eric Ingram, CEO, Eighth Continent Technologies
Daniel Turner, Co-Founder & CEO, TRAXyl

  1. Rafferty Jackson, Jack Industries, Astia / Starburst
  2. James Chan, CFO of Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley, Inc
  3. Max Polyakov, Managing Partner, Noosphere Ventures
  4. Paul Sidney, Credit Suisse
  5. Mike Collett, Promus Ventures
  6. Lindsey Yee, Starbridge Ventures
  7. Tom Loftus, Razor’s Edge Ventures
  8. Will Porteous, RRE Ventures
  9. Maher Ezzeddine, CEO of Ideanco and Chairman, Harvard Business School Aerospace Alumni Association

2019: Eventech and Orbit Fab
2018: LeoLabs
2017: Astrapi Corporation

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