Why Attend SATELLITE?  

Building our future in space, from the ground up.

The burgeoning space-based economy, accompanied by an innovative ground ecosystem, is driving the industry further than ever before with new technologies that change how we live.  As the business of space rapidly grows, it’s apparent that satellites have never before been so integral to such a broad scope of industries.  From transportation to the military, telecommunications to media & entertainment and beyond, the possibilities that satellites produce are never-ending in their applications.

This transition from a niche market to the mainstream has spurred the birth of the next generation of satellites.  Where we used to see tens of satellites launched annually, we’re now seeing hundreds, in addition to the replacement and reinforcement of existing infrastructure.  The next generation of space and satellites is here…this is a revolution, not an evolution!  There’s no time to sit back and wait for change to come to you; be a part of the action and get ahead of the curve by attending SATELLITE.

Connecting the buyers and suppliers to innovation and insight.

Even in this age of technology, nothing compares with face-to-face interactions with people you would never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.  You never know what new partnership could arise in a place you’d least expect, and if you aren’t there to seize it, your competitor will instead.  At SATELLITE, you’ll make invaluable connections, meet new friends, catch up with old colleagues, and seal the deal that was too important for an email. We’re facilitating connections between all segments of the satellite industry and beyond.

Whether you’re on the exhibit hall floor or in a conference session, you’ll find the latest innovations, technology, and solutions on display. Expand your knowledge as well as your network, by attending the largest commercial space and satellite show in the world.  Don’t think you can afford the time out of the office? The reality is you can’t afford not to! Take the time to sharpen the saw, and renew, refresh and invest in your professional future so you can reap the dividends down the line.

Uniting the world for a common goal.

SATELLITE’s purpose involves cultivating an environment where the individual AND the collective can thrive.  We’re very proud of our international DNA, it’s reflective of our
belief that we can achieve so much more when we work together.  It may sound cheesy, but breaking the traditional barriers between people, companies, countries and industries can lead to outcomes that we never imagined possible when we stay in our silos.  We encourage all attendees to get as much out of the week as they can for their professional lives, but also to contribute where they can by asking the tough questions of our speakers, connecting with individuals and companies you wouldn’t normally think to, and putting their global hats on to help us make a difference for the industry and the world.